Thursday, December 8, 2011

Writing and not writing at the same time

I have not been very active in regards to blogging and creative writing during the last few months - so in a sense I feel like I am not writing. However, at the same time I am working as a freelance writer and translator, i.e. I do in fact write thousands of words every day - for other people who pay me for it.

I am working as a freelancer because this is at good way to have some additional income and at the moment also the only way for me to earn money as it turned out to be impossible to find a suitable part time job in this town (esp. when you are not yet a permanent resident).

So, I am writing every day and I should be happy because in the past I would never have thought that people would actually pay me to do some writing. On the other hand, all the writing does not leave me time to REALLY write (i.e. on my novels and poems). Did it ever happen to you that you actually do something you like for money but then regret that it doesn't leave you any time to work on your very own projects?

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