Saturday, June 15, 2013

Fishpond SmartSell - end of the confusion

A few days ago I finally received an email about the foreign language books I supposedly sent to them (for the background see: First experiences with Fishpond's SmartSell). It took them forever to send me the reply. The excuse was that they needed to get the info from the warehouse - but what kind of warehouse needs such a long time?
Anyway, the list I received was a long list of books I've never heard of and they were all in languages I don't even speak. Instead of being greedy and dishonest, I told them that I had no idea who the books belong to as they are clearly not mine. That's the end of that story! Why they thought those books belonged to me I do not know. Maybe they arrived in a parcel on the same day as my books arrived and maybe the sender had forgotten to place a packaging slip into the parcel. It might be that Fishpond then assumed the books would be mine. I hope they will find the owner of the books and if not, pass them on to a charity or a library that can make good use of them.

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