Sunday, March 12, 2017

And then it happened... There indeed IS a number 1 Michael Jackson tribute artist

Something unbelievable happened: I changed my mind about not wanting to call anybody the number 1 Michael Jackson tribute artist. Read on to find out why.

What has changed - and where have I been for the last few months?

I haven't written anything on any of my blogs in the last few months - not on my literature related one, not on the one related to my create writing, not on the one about chickens, not on this one, not even on the one I use to write on when there's nobody to talk to but I feel like communicating. I felt like I could do nothing any longer - that it was not worth it. Life in general has been challenging to put it mildly. For reasons I might explain in another post, I am struggling a lot - and I can't tell whether I just reached a plateau down in the valley of "this is going nowhere", or whether I am slowly starting to go uphill again. Only time will tell.

If you have read my entries of the past, you know that I had some issues with some Michael Jackson tribute artists calling themselves the number 1 or being called so by their fans and management. I saw a few of them live, watched them very closely, and came to the conclusion that each of them has strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their act and all-around-package. It has been six years and one day since I saw Kenny Wizz - the first MJ tribute act I ever saw. Unfortunately, Kenny turned out to be someone who looks down on his fans and revealed some less than appealing sides to his character. That doesn't change the fact that he's been putting on a good show, but it definitely stopped me being a fan. I don't even want to look at his pages any longer, and unfollowed every single one. One of his actions (aimed at me, not a general one) demotivated me, personally, so much, that I almost gave up on my dream of finishing my MJ related book.

Thank the universe that there's Navi. He's got no idea, but he's the one who restored my belief in that I can actually do what I want to do if I only put my mind to it. I just am very hesitant about really putting my trust in him - at some stage in the future I would need an MJ tribute artist's support for an event, but if Navi's reaction would be the same as Kenny's, I would be shattered.

Is Navi the best Michael Jackson tribute artist out there? Why?

You might already suspect it. I am still not too happy about calling someone the number 1, but two days ago, I went to see Navi (for the fourth time). He had a show in a place called Motherwell in Scotland. It was a bit of a journey for me (one community bus, one local bus, one National Express bus from Aberdeen to Glasgow, and then other local bus to Motherwell - half a day of traveling there, a night's stay in a hotel, and then half a day to travel back "home"). Some people called that dedication. To me, it was more about needing some energy, and for now, Navi just wasn't getting any closer than that. It was definitely easier to see him when I lived in England (and who knows where the future will take me).

I was awfully tired when the concert started, not only from traveling, but from all the things life had thrown at me in the last few months. Things were so bad that I couldn't enjoy myself as much as I could/should have. When Navi came on stage, some tension left me, but this time, it seemed like even he wasn't able to get right through to me. My heart has put up a big wall around itself, to protect against hope, because hope is a traitor and trusting it just opens you up to more pain - and it turns you into a target for other people who use your dreams against you. If you ever had a dream not a single other person believed in, you might know what I am talking about.

Unfortunately for Navi and his team, there were plenty of technical problems during that night. I could see that it was getting to him. He had only arrived back from the USA on that very day, and having all these problems on stage after working hard, and traveling, can't have been a pleasant experience. However, he worked through it. And the way he did it, was the what impressed me. He was professional, he did not walk off stage. He did not throw a hissy fit like others would have done. He did his best - and even with technical difficulties he did better than most would under perfect circumstances. I am still not quite sure about the singing. I mean, when you have issues with the microphone, and your voice is suddenly gone, then it's a good sign it might really be live - but I just don't know. I was watching him very closely, but I just am not sure. He can't really be that good, can he?

Anyway, he put on a great performance - from the movements of his feet to the little moves with his fingers. The little moves show that he knows what he's doing, and that he has control over his body. I still think his song selection could be better - but that's a matter of taste. Not all Michael Jackson fans have the same preferences. His show could easily be longer, too. Kenny seemed to have the best song selection of the lot. And I wish there were more proper costume changes. I am sure Navi would look excellent in the a full "Bad" outfit. Or the black trousers and white shirt  - one of my favourite MJ looks. Simple beauty. Again, a matter of preference.

So while Navi isn't quite the way I would imagine the perfect MJ tribute to be, he's the one who has the best overall package. Others do great shows, too, but then aren't quite living up to it when you meet them after the show (IF you get the chance to meet them). Navi delivers a great show, even when there are problems, and he's friendly. He treats other MJ fans with respect, and never once did I have the feeling that he's looking down on the people who come to his shows. Not being a prick makes a huge difference. Navi just seems to be genuine.

Unfortunately, there wasn't time for a conversation during the meet & greet. The ones with Jennifer Batten were better - but that was with a VIP ticket, so there were less people, and not as much of a need to be rushed through by the manager (or whoever he is). As short as the meet & greet was, it was the one moment that helped me regain a little bit of energy. If someone like Navi is friendly to you, and tells you to take care, you better take care, right? I have so many questions I would like to ask him, and I assume a conversation with him would be an energy boost that could keep me going for more than just a few days - but that's one thing that will never happen. It's not even his Michael Jackson impersonation, I just feel like he's a very good person right down to his core, and you don't meet many people like that in this world. We do need more like him - not impersonators, but genuine, good people. I just hope he's not going to turn out to be like Kenny later on.

That is what turns Navi into the number 1 Michael Jackson tribute artist to me: he really is a tribute to Michael. Not just with the performance but with his attitude, too. There should be a simple rule: if you're a prick and look down on Michael Jackson fans, you shouldn't be a tribute - because Michael would only want to be represented by good people. At least that's my opinion.

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