Friday, March 9, 2012

My special pigeon friends

After almost a month up here, it is time for a short entry about pigeons - a longer one will follow sooner or later. I have spent many hours with simply watching the birds and as you might know from previous entries: I learn a lot by simply watching birds. Going to the pigeon lofts also give me the peace and quiet I would not be able to find in other places. They give me a sense of peace when the rest of the world seems to be filled with chaos and negative energy. There's no need to explain to them why I would just like to sit with them, not saying a word. In a way, they are far more accepting than human beings - as most animals are! Sometimes I think that they understand more than people would expect. It's some kind of universal language and I'm sure they feel that I'm someone who means them no harm.

I spend most of my pigeon watching time in the loft in which my little problem pigeon called Lucy (Lawless) is because she's precious to me and also comes up to me most of the time. She alone is someone who can teach you a lot: she could have been dead but she's a fighter and did not give up even though she must have been in a lot of pain. Of course, it also helped a lot that my friend took really good care of her and gave her a chance at life. This also shows that you can get through the hardest time if you only have the right support. My friend could have given up on her but he did not.

I just like being around her, she's very nice to watch and I see daily changes in her - and I need to watch her closely, so I'll always be able to keep her apart from the other pigeons. They kind of tend to look the same - apart from some very special ones! Of course, I start to see differences between them now but some still just look like they are identical twins or triplets!


One of the other special pigeons is called "Seagull" (and believe it or not, this name was NOT my idea!). There is no special background story to this one. I just like him because of the way he looks. He is a very pretty pigeon and even though he looks quite lady-like, he's a boy...

He is a very intelligent pigeon and always seems to watch everything very closely - even when he's lazily lying in one of his sleeping places. He always knows what's going on and when he knows my friend wants to catch him, he's usually hiding!

When his team was sent to a longer test flight a few days ago, he did not return with the team and I was worried sick about him. Fortunately, he came back the following day. With him, two other pigeons returned and one of them was injured. I know that pigeons most likely wouldn't do it: but I would like to believe that Seagull was making sure that the others came home safely as well! And who knows? Some pigeons might be more caring than others. We do not know what happened to them and we do not know why they are late - so any explanation is possible.

In the near future, I will write an entry about what I have learned about pigeons so far!

For more about pigeons, check out my friend's blog:

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