Sunday, February 12, 2012

The move

After I have been so active during the last few weeks, you might be a little surprised to not get as many updates. As you have learned in the last posts, I was getting ready to move to somewhere else. The day of the move was only two days ago - yet it feels like a long time ago or maybe I'm in some kind of "shock-mode" that doesn't yet let me realize that I've really left "my" river. Yes, I can see a river from the house I live in now - but I hardly know anything about the Waikato river (and am not yet motivated to learn about its mythology etc.) and never touched its waters (even though I've been close enough to it a few times). This morning I told the two girls who live in the house here (10 and 12 years old) a bit about my canoeing trip on the Whanganui river - so at least I am able to talk about the river without having a nervous breakdown....

I really can't believe that yesterday only was my first full day here (of this stay). It's all a little unreal. In just one day, I learned a lot more about pigeons (and probably forgot half of it), played a game with two kids (and lost), wrote articles, learned a lot about humans as well, saw some Rosellas, Kereru, heard a Pukeko and tried to re-befriend the little trouble chicken (Frodo). He/She came closer than the night before but still is a little suspicious.

The people who are also connected to me on Facebook will know about the problematic pigeon - and she is now named Lucy. Let's just hope she doesn't have the same fate as Xena. Didn't want to call her Xena because that just doesn't sound very pigeon-like. Now I'll just have to find a pigeon that would be worthy of the name Gandalf!

I will - sooner or later - write some more blog entries. I know that you're all waiting for the seagulls and can't bear to wait any longer (esp. my friend Marie)! But it takes me forever to go through the thousands of photos and select the best (and yes, when I say thousands, I'm not exaggerating).

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